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Project Description

Take out robot for 150-250 ton vertical injection molding machine. Payload capacity of 2 kg. Simple pick and Place of Sprues or Parts.

HC750-Picker For Vertical IMM

Excellent Price Performance,Good Repeatability, Low Maintenance

Increase the injection efficiency of 10-30%;

Reduce workers and payroll costs.

tHC750-Picker For Vertical IMM
Space-saving,robust design and have a excellent price performance.It is precise, with a good repeatability, highly dependability and requires low mainte-nance.In addition, the robot is very easy to operate,thanks to the user-friendly Simple Pick-and-Place programming via the HC-X1 control system.
Product Application:
—The swing arm robot is suitable for 150-250 ton vertical injection molding machine.
—Payload capacity of 2 kg.
—Simple pick and Place of Sprues or Parts.
The take-out robot is suitable for plastic parts like plastic cup, disposable bowl, cup, forks and knives, PVC pipe, car bumpers, sprue, mobile phone case, socket, telephone, helmet, air condition shell, toothbrush, PET bottle embryo etc.
Standard Configuration :
—Single Arm and Single Stage.
—Wrist Rotation at 90°.
—Vacuum generator and standard suction assembly.
—Control System:HC-X1, 3.5-inch color screen.
—Vertical Arm Driven By Pneumatic ; Swing Angle Driven By Pneumatic ; Kick Stroke Driven By Pneumatic.
—Allows users to easily adjust their own positions, timers, and motion speeds.
The vertical stroke and kick stroke can be set to any desired length.
The take-out waiting position of the chuck can be manually set to any desired position.
Simple swing adjustment between 45-90 °.
—Pivoting base allows for easy mold changes.
—Sprue gripper with control sensor.
—Dual rail strip axis allows for fast and stable movement with low vibration.
—External output point, control conveyor belt or spray device, etc.
—Compact Picker mounted control cabinet.
—Smooth operation with lowest noise.
—CE models are available, conformity with EUROMAP and SPI standard, enclosed standard connect interface.
IMM Range Swing Angle Vertical Stroke Kick StrokeWeight
150-250 (ton)45-90°750 mm120 mm33 KG
Take-Out TimesCycle Times           Maximum LoadDrive SystemControl System
1.0 S4.4 S2 KGPneumaticHC-X1
Working Air PressureAir ConsumptionPower ConsumptionPower Supply
0.5-0.8 (MPa)13 (Nl/cycle)0.2 (KVA)120-240 VAC 1 Phase 60Hz Or 480 VAC 3 Phase 60Hz
Control System for Sprue Picker3.5-inch color screen controller: HC-X1
—Support Chinese & English switch, easy to operate,icon-based menu panels are user-friendly and easy to navigate.
—Quality design features sturdy, responsive push buttons and a highly durable keypad.
—High-Performance 32-bit DSP processor.
—High speed I/O transmission technology enables the sprue picker robot to run faster and shorten the     cycle time by more than 10%.
—Allows you choose from 20 pre-programmed sequences,or easily build and memory storage for up to 80 mold set-ups for later recall.
—Simple pick-and-place module for picker.
—Increase the swing arm robot alarm information and the memory function of taking out time, convenient user view the robot   operation history.
—Have a USB port,the parameters, sequences can be imported and exported from different sprue picker through U disk. Easy   to adjust, and can be upgraded through it.
—IMM and Robot Emergency Stop function.

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