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How To Select Injection Robot

Step 1: select Sprue Picker or Traverse Robot
In general,below 250Ton, select Sprue Picker.
Above 250Ton, select AC Servo Traverse Robot.
Simple pick and place of sprues or parts select Sprue Picker.
Products need be stacked or designated place on the conveyor select Traverse Robot.
Step 2: Select Dual Arm or Single Arm
3-plate mold products, OEM – oriented enterprises, must select the Dual Arm.
Need to take out parts and sprues at the same time must select the Dual Arm.
Hot runner mold products, Self-owned products, 2-plate mold products, Little change in products, Single Arm robot is a good choice.
Step 3: Select Telescopic Arm or Single Stage Arm
Below 250Ton, we suggest select Single Stage Arm.
Above 250Ton, select Telescopic Arm.
Traveling Crane or factory with a low ceiling heights must select Telescopic Arm.
Step 4: Select 1-axis, 2-axis AC Servo Traverse Robot
Traverse Stroke driven by AC Seivo motor, precise position, convenient, faster, save the circle time and the productivity can be increased more than 10%.
Vertical Arm driven by AC Servo motor, product take-out time is shorter than pneumatic driven. It is cheaper than 3-axis and 5-axis robotic arm.
Step 5: Select 3-axis, 5-axis AC Servo Traverse Robot
Injection Molding Robots driven by All-Axis AC Servo, with faster speed and shorter cycle Compared with the 1-axis, 2-axis AC Servo Traverse Robot.
With the function of In Mold Labeling (IML) and mold inserting.
The price is higher.
Step 6: Select High Speed AC Servo Robots
Need a very short take-out time .The fastest take out robot move at high speed with a 0.4S take out times.
It is specially designed for fast food box, disposable knife and fork, etc ,Which require high speed injection molding.


—Drain the the air compressor filter of the sprue picker regularly;
—Adjust the speed of each movement;
—Check the negative pressure sensor,it would be alarm if vacuum extraction failed;
—Check the magnetic switch, it would be alarm if clamping the product faild;
—Chenck the interlocking of the take out robot and the injection molding machine;
—Check whether the bolts of all moving parts are tightened or not;
—Check whether the pipeline is broken or whether the wire connection is loose;
—Wipe the dust and oil on the robotic arm,and add new lubricating oil;
—Clean the electric control box,and check whether the electronic components are tightened or not.


—Do not tighten all the guide rod,they must be loose ;
—To meet the requirements of production, give the robotic arm a certain cushion, extend the life;
—The compressed air used must be dry, and the air compressor filter of the sprue picker must be drained regularly;
—Please turn off the power and air source of the injection machine and manipulator before repairing;
—When replace the mold, please pay attention to avoid being hit by the take out robot;
—After completing the maintenance, please leave the hazardous working area before testing;
—It is strictly forbidden to stand under the working area of the manipulator.